Untamed Hair Care


Design a poster for the 2017 Winter term Soapbox Poetry readings. While the theme was fairly open, the client wanted the poster to represent the strength it takes to reveal one's inner self, the strength in being vulnerable and transparent.


Chemeketa Community College holds a series of poetry readings every term called Soapbox Poetry. The readers vary from term to term, but generally consist of faculty and students. Most of the time, a theme is presented for each term to help inspire and focus the readings.


We all have particular masks we wear depending on our environment and those who surround us at the time. At work, we may wear a more formal mask, presenting a professional image, whereas a night out with our closest friends may encourage us to wear the mask of a jokester because we want to be the funny one. Poetry can strip you of all your masks and show what you truly think and feel. For that reason, I wanted to have an intimate crop of an eye, peeking through the hands to represent this. The illustration feels both vulnerable and strong simultaneously. The face and hands are flat and cold like the masks we wear, but the eyes and hair are vibrant and alive.