Better Burger


Design a logo and packaging label for Marion Polk Food Share's Better Burger, a high protein meatless burger.


Marion-Polk Food Share strives to end hunger. They collect and distribute food to foster homes, shelters, senior housing sites and food pantries. Protein is a necessary component of a healthy diet, but due to the cost and perishability of meats, those who need it the most go without. To solve this, Marion-Polk Food Share developed a meatless burger, made primarily of quinoa, that is ready to eat.


Marion-Polk Food Share's Better Burger packaging label.

The best burgers are typically described as thick and juicy, but Better Burger is also healthy and natural, made from locally grown quinoa. To reflect both aspects, I chose two typographic treatments for the logo: a nice thick slab serif and a hand-lettered script. I also attached quinoa seeds, or leaves, to the trailing end of the script to reinforce the organic nature of the product.